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Haddock and Chips (4)

Louise Rodgers RVN

Easter Hazards – a Haddock and Chips story!

Lilies are poisonous to cats, even to touch!

Chocolate, raisins, daffodils and onions are poisonous to dogs!

Now read on…

Chips was making little whimpering sounds as he peered out into the garden, looking for the shadow of Haddock the cat slinking back for supper.

“What’s up Chips?” asked Dad “Is the fox back again? Fox?”

The hairy dog gave a distracted wag of his tail but didn’t look up.

“Where’s that cat? Where’s Haddock?” said Dad in a teasing way, not realising that poor Chips was thinking exactly the same thing. He bounced about wagging his tail but then returned to the window when he saw Dad was only kidding. He gave a loud burp, suddenly regretting the bouncing about and feeling very queasy. If only he hadn’t followed up the hot cross bun with a chocolate Easter egg – and he was starting to think the onions were a mistake too!

Dougie came stomping through from the dining room carrying his empty dinner plate complaining, “I gave Chips all my onions and yet he still ate the hot cross bun and Easter egg that I was saving for later”. He gave Dad a closer look.

“Unless it was you? You look worried!”

“I was just remembering that chocolate, raisins and onions are poisonous to dogs – it was on Abercorn’s website”

Haddock – who had been inside all the time and just liked winding poor Chips up – emerged from behind the curtains, covered in lily pollen from flowers newly placed on the window sill.

“Lilies are poisonous to cats! That was on the website too!” Dad ran a distracted hand through his hair when he saw Haddock. He whirled round shouting,

“Mum! Phone Abercorn and say the dog’s just eaten chocolate, hot cross buns and onions and the cat’s covered in lily pollen! Wipe that pollen off Haddock and put her in the cat box, Dougie!”

Half an hour later they were all in the consulting wondering what would happen next.

“Well”, said the vet, “Because you’ve come down straight away there’s a good chance we can get this all sorted out fairly easily. What I recommend first of all is that we make Chips sick with an injection so that as little as possible gets absorbed into his system.”

Mum signed the consent form and Chips was led away by a nurse to start his treatment.

Haddock the cat smirked in the privacy of her box at her friend’s discomfort until she found out she was in for a bigger surprise than Chips!

“Lily pollen can be absorbed through the fur and skin and cause kidney failure therefore we’re going to take a blood sample to measure how well the kidneys are working. We’ll hospitalise Haddock and keep her on intravenous fluids for three days and then check her kidneys again.”
On the way home Mum, Dougie and Chips were pensive, thinking about Haddock settling into the cattery and Chips being very sick in his kennel earlier.

Dad was more cheerful

“Look, you’ve no raisin to be down-hearted (he laughed at his own joke and Chips gave him a look) as long as Dougie didn’t egg Chips on!”