Microchipping your pet

The government has made the microchipping of dogs compulsory and you could be faced with a hefty fine.

  • Microchipping is a simple way of permanent identification for your dog.
  • A tiny microchip (about the size of a grain of rice) is injected by one of our vets under the loose skin of your dog’s neck, which will give your dog his own personal identification number. It’s quick and very safe and your dog is unlikely to feel anything.
  • Should your dog or cat get lost and get handed in to a veterinary surgery, animal welfare group, the police or local authority, they have special hand held scanners that can detect and “read” the information on the microchips.
  • Once your pet’s unique number has been found and verified against the national database, you will be reunited without further delay.

For this reason, we highly recommend microchipping your pet.

They are small, simple and the best way of ensuring that your pet is returned to you if lost.

We recommend a tag on your pets collar AND an ID chip. The chip is placed under the skin with a small injection. No anaesthetic is needed. each chip has a unique code which, when scanned, allows your contact information to be gained from a central database.