Pet Passports

Going abroad and don’t want to leave your pet behind? If so then help is at hand through our Pet Passport Scheme.

At Abercorn we will talk you through the procedure of getting a Pet Passport which avoids the need for your animal to go into lengthy quarantine on your return to the UK from Europe.

  • We will take care of the paperwork to ensure that you abide by the rules as laid out under the Pet Passport Scheme
  • We will ensure you pet has the required microchip and if not will make sure this is done before the passport is issued
  • Any distinctive markings will be recorded and if your pet is a cross, we will list all its breeds. An appointment for the necessary rabies vaccinations will also be arranged
  • We will point clients to the Defra website so they can research all the information needed when taking out a Pet Passport
  • Once the document is issued arrangements will be made for you to return to Abercorn where you will be asked to sign it in front of a member of staff as required by law
  • We will provide you with any medical protection that your pet may need depending on where in Europe you are travelling and what health issues are prevalent in that area at the time of travel
  • A Pet Passport will cost you £35 which is exclusive of the rabies vaccination