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Weight clinics for pets

A recent study has shown that a staggering 30% of all Scottish pets are classed as obese – a problem which can lead to serious long-term and life-limiting health issues.

Obesity can be defined as an excess of body fat that is enough to impair health, welfare and quality of life. It can cause suffering as well as severe disability and can result in serious life-threatening health problems including heart disease, respiratory distress, high blood pressure, cancers and diabetes.

We may all love our pets but it is dangerous and unhealthy to feed it titbits between meals. Our staff here at Abercorn Vets will ensure your pet is kept in peak condition through a detailed, tailored diet and exercise regime especially for your furry friend.

To keep your pets healthy, fit and in top form give us a call and we will arrange an appointment for a consultation to find the best way forward.

Just ask at reception for an appointment for an informal, non-obligatory discussion about your pet’s weight problems.

With good quality dietary advice which doesn’t involve just simply saying “feed your pet less”, we can individually deliver a weight loss plan, alongside regular weight-in sessions which fit in with you and your pet’s lifestyle achieving long-lasting results.